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Top 5 Summer Shows

Top 5 Summer Shows

It’s that time of the year! For fellow students, it is, in theory, the time of the year that the fruits of our tedious labor have paid off, and we finally have the well deserved “free time” that we craved for so desperately for throughout these prior six months (although let’s be honest, the studying NEVER truly goes away). During those long hours you spent gazing at those diagrams, hoping despairingly that on the final, you WOULD remember where the anode is and where the cathode is, you were probably able to think of a myriad of things you would rather have been doing at that very second. Now that the calm after the storm has finally arrived, this rare free time you abruptly have on your tired hands must be quite unsettling. Don’t worry, these 5 summer friendly shows will keep you occupied until the season to slog comes around once more.


““If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusions. We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities. Or we can use them to hide our true intentions.”

Ah, yes. Revenge. A show that has consistently been overlooked, and often times confused with the admittedly superior Gossip Girl. Instead of the Upper East Side, this drama takes us to the equally glamorous Hamptons, where snobby rich people do bad things to each other (sound familiar?). However, this seemingly generic storyline comes with a fatal twist. The main character has a tragic (TM) past, which, instead of turning her into a moping crying mess, turns her into a clever and deliciously cunning Avenger, as she plays a deadly game of revenge with the Hamptons elites that have scorned her. But is she truly holding all the cards?

PROS: Fresh, mysterious, fun for people that enjoy soap opera-ish thrillers

CONS: Somewhat unrealistic, characters come off as flat at times, plot gets less engaging every season, unbelievable story events, inconsistent characterization

Score: 6.5/10


“Oy with the poodles already!”

Who doesn’t love a mother-daughter story? Gilmore Girls is a show about sarcastic single mother Lorelai Gilmore, and her studious and bright daughter, Rory. The show displays the lives of the two women over the course of eight seasons, as they try to balance out their quiet middle-class life in the sleepy town of Stars Hollow with the upper-class world of Emily and Richard Gilmore, their relatives.

PROS: Plenty of content (eight seasons), well-established settings and characters, consistently solid level of production and script

CONS: Certain main characters show little to no development, the show sometimes tries too hard to be “cute” and a “niche” instead of naturally allowing fans to notice the interesting and unique aspects of the show

Score: 7.9/10


“I don’t know if Hogwarts is near San Diego. I’ve never heard of it.”

Perhaps one of the only shows on TV that seems to get better as it continues. The show centers around a close group of thirty-somethings living a middle-class life in modern day Los Angeles, as they learn possibly one of the most important things there is to know: It’s okay to not have everything figured out as an adult. The show displays the hilarious and exciting real life adventures these characters have, ensuring that by the time the show is over, you will be attached to every single one of them.

PROS: Lovable characters (get better with seasons), entertaining scripts (get better with seasons), realistic problems with both realistic and interesting solutions

CONS: Show takes some time (1-2 seasons) to gains its foothold, tries too hard to be “random” and “cute” (only a problem in the beginning of show, and improves significantly and eventually pulls of comedy flawlessly)

Score: 8.7/10


“Oh… my… God!”

Iconic Friends is a show which, if you have not watched, you most likely have heard of. Indeed, it is one of the first, and most influential sitcoms about, well, friendship, having said to inspire future shows such as New Girl, listed above. The show is set in none other than New York City, the city of lights. The six main characters each have their distinct personality traits, and this becomes the show’s main appeal over the course of it’s long and exciting ten seasons.

PROS: Unique and interesting characters, plenty of content (10 seasons), interesting and engaging scripts

CONS: Show starts to get unrealistic and trying too hard towards the last couple of seasons, some characters don’t develop, some insensitive jokes (to be fair, it is a 90s show)

Score: 8.9/10


“See ya in another life brotha.”

Being a Sci-Fi show, Lost is not only an outlier on this particular list but is also not the candidate for the kind of “feel good” summer shows we tend to binge watch. However, Lost does not need a warm fuzzy summer vibe to excel. In fact, it excels doing something entirely different: Science. Indeed, it is not 100% scientifically accurate at ALL times, but it does manage to create an unwaveringly exciting and well-developed storyline, which keeps the viewer’s attention for all six seasons. The characters develop exponentially over the course of the show, each learning and growing with the unusual and strange experiences they go through. We all have a favorite, but the characters together make the show what it is. For viewers that enjoy science fiction and amazing writing, Lost is a sure catch.

PROS: Well written and extends its plot over the course of six seasons, mysterious, lovable characters

CONS: Certain plotlines get dropped or forgotten.

Score: 9.3/10

Special thanks to Rujul Deo for contributing this article.

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