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A Drive To Success

A Drive To Success

Third Generation

The celebrated Silicon Valley electric automaker Tesla announced the handover of the first 30 models of the Model 3 last month.Tesla rocketed to the spotlight in February of 2008 with the release of its first mass production electric car, the Roadster. Led by Elon Musk, the founder of Paypal and SpaceX, Tesla has received widely positive reception throughout both automotive and tech circles. Musk outlines the overall goal of the company as to foster development and adoption of electric vehicles, but more specifically, to sell electric cars at affordable prices to the mass market.


The Model 3

So far, Tesla has released three models in its product lineup, the Roadster, Model S, and Model X. With a premium sports car in the Roadster and a mid-range sedan in the Model S, Musk plans to bring Tesla to the general consumer market with the Model 3.

To appeal to the middle class and broader audiences, the Model 3 has a price tag far below any of its siblings, starting at as little as $35,000.



The Model 3 has been extraordinarily popular among audiences due to its increased availability to mass markets. In fact, within a week of its 2016 debut, Tesla said it had received over 325,000 reservations for the Model 3. As of now, Musk has said there are roughly 450,000 reservations in total.

Minimalism and simplicity are principal tenets in Tesla design philosophy. The Model S, for instance, had perhaps the simplest design of any car in its price range, with a center console dominated by an enormous touchscreen display. The Model 3 continues this design approach with a characteristically minimalistic interior and a center console solely occupied by a rectangular touch screen display.

In fact, the Model 3 takes minimalism one step further than previous models by eliminating the dashboard. Instead, dials like the speedometer will be affixed to a section of the center console display. Unsurprisingly, physical buttons in the Model 3 are very limited. Even the glove box is opened through a button on the digital display.

It should be noted that unlike typical car manufacturers, Tesla sells directly to the consumer. That is, they sell through their own stores, not through independent dealerships. While in the past, few people have been able to afford a luxury car like a Tesla model one, however now that it has been made more open to the public, it will be interesting to see how Tesla fares with its sale service.

Vehicular Innovation

With companies like Tesla leading the drive (excuse the pun) to more eco-friendly cars, we hope to see an improvement in the environment around us. With global warming being an imminent threat in the future, making clean and energy efficient cars now will have a profound impact on our society.


This article was written by writers Shmily Lin and Raymond Cao

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