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Sonic Mania: An Amazing Blast To The Past

Sonic Mania: An Amazing Blast To The Past

Sonic Mania is the newest installment in the famous and iconic Sonic series of games, released for the celebration for Sonic’s 25th birthday. After a few rather disappointing Sonic releases, this game provides an amazing blast of nostalgia for the older Sonic players, and provides a new experience for new fans to the series. They did this by using the amazing talent that some Sonic fans have, since many have been creating games like the older games for years. This game released on  August 15 of this year, and has sold very well. We are going to be going over what makes this game especially great. So grab your rings and get ready to go through Sonic Mania!


While recent Sonic games have been trying for more realistic graphics, Sonic has always been known for its 16-bit graphics from the Sega Genesis. Sega realized that the game is at its best when it’s in an older style, and brought Sonic Mania back to the graphics that most if its fans have grown up with. The game brings nostalgic 16-bit graphics with an updated graphics engine that really brings out the bright colors of the game. These graphics fill players with a sense of happiness that the older games had brought, making older players feel like they are kids again, and showing kids that older games are not as bad as they might think they are.


Sonic Mania contains arguably some of the best music in any recent videogame, with its retro style and improved sound quality, since older consoles couldn’t handle too many sounds at once. The product is a great assortment of music, ranging from bouncy and exciting for the stages, and spooky, but still very fun to listen to, for the multiple different bosses. The game mostly has remastered versions of music from the older games, while also being comprised of some new tracks made by Tee Lopes, a genius in the video game composing business, who created some amazing Sonic the Hedgehog remixes.


Recent games have tried many different ideas for Sonic gameplay, ranging from turning into a werewolf all the way to running through the Camelot, fighting King Arthur with a sword. Sonic Mania, on the other hand, brings back the classic Sonic gameplay that has made the game great; running and jumping through a stage that resembles a Rube-Goldberg machine. The game still consists of the same momentum-based platforming, but also bring small mini-games that come from multiple fan-made Sonic games. These add a new experience for Sonic players, requiring a different kind of playstyle. The game also brings a great reference to Puyo Puyo, a Japanese game that is very similar to Tetris, with small colored balls with big googly eyes on them. All of the stages in Sonic Mania contain a different interesting gameplay mechanic, to bouncy gel that propels Sonic high into the air, to a stage that takes place in the air, with Sonic standing on top of a plane fighting enemies. With all of these different mechanics, Sonic Mania feels like a different game every stage, making sure players don’t ever get bored, even though there’s a very low chance of that, since this game brings an intense feeling of speed and power as you make your way through the stages. Sonic Mania is a great new Sonic game that gives much needed nostalgia for its players. This game celebrates Sonic in a way that gives him his much-needed justice, especially after the disappointments from the Sega team. All Sonic fans are hoping for Sonic games much like Sonic Mania, bringing an experience that shows what makes Sonic great in a great way.

Anish Gupta