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infoHandle Network was created March of 2017 as a media outlet service. infoHandle strives to produce articles relating to current worldly interests. infoHandle provides the necessary information to keep its viewers up to date, whether it's news, technology, food, music - infoHandle has it all.


infoHandle also provides a magazine for its views to enjoy. Each issue contains not only narratives and updates, but also comics, surveys, and puzzles. Currently, iHMagazine publishes monthly issues; however, development is hoping to increase to bi-weekly issues through a premium service sometime in the new future.


Currently, infoHandle is operated by a small group of developers and writers situated in California. They are working to write and publish a few articles weekly alongside iHMagazine.


infoHandle Network aims to create an active welcoming community. Viewers can sign up for weekly updates, interact with writers in the comments, or publish their own content in the forums.

infoHandle Network is also currently looking for guest writers, who can apply by visiting the contact page.


Meet Our Team

Justin Hsieh
Founder and CEO