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Barcelona Terrorist Attack – Part of a Larger Operation

Terrorism As global politics continue to shift, Islamic terrorism has become increasingly prevalent in the public spotlight. From the United States to Paris and Brussels, global awareness of terrorism is advancing, whether this attention fuels terrorism or allows for broader prevention. Whatever the number or frequency of terrorist attacks, each one can


Chinese-Indian Border Dispute

A Tense History Over the years, relations between India and China have not exactly been cordial. After all, the two countries have had three military conflicts in the last 60 years. Considering the sizable populations and distinct cultures of the two Asian giants, as well as their proximity, it may come


The Mosul Offensive

A General Summary In June of 2014, the city of Mosul was taken from the Iraqi government by the notorious terrorist organization ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Mosul is Iraq’s third most populous city, though over 500,000 residents have fled since the ISIS takeover. A trading hub and industrial


France in the European Union

If you have kept up with recent events, you should know by now that Britain plans to exit the European Union by 2019. For context, the European Union (EU) is a political and economical union of 28 (27 after Britain leaves) states in Europe. Within the Union, states can trade


South Korea and China Respond the North Korean Missile Program

Recent tensions have escalated between China, the Korean peninsula and the United States over the ongoing implementation of the U.S. missile defense system THAAD in South Korea. The United States claims its decision to move THAAD into South Korea is to defend against the growing threat of the North Korean missile